Our Feel Good Giving Campaign

At the heart of Franklin James is a strong set of ethics. The very foundation of our company is our teams shared beliefs and values. One of our core vales is “everyone you meet is equal to you and should be treated with kindness”. So to follow up on our beliefs, we have implemented this new “Feel Good Giving Scheme.”

We are a positive company who like to do good by helping our customers in the best way possible. We like people to “feel good” and in turn so do we.

For every new client we take on, we will donate a micro impact to someone who really needs it here in the UK.

Supporting Wycombe Homeless Connection Charity

Wycombe Homeless Connection are a charity based in High Wycombe. They work to provide people without homes with “fresh starts” and opportunities.  providing over 2800 instances of 1:1 support, helping over 500 individuals. WHC estimates that they have reduced the number of evictions in the High Wycombe District by about 25%.

Their biggest impact is the restoration of HOPE. Helping people feel human again.

How we will be helping

For every new customer we obtain, we will donate £5 of our profits to this fabulous charity. We will show you this when we do it by sending you a stamp to show how your custom has helped. Together we will be supporting a greater cause than just ourselves. We will “feel good giving,” and so can you.

We think it’s a great incentive to work harder and a fantastically easy way to improve lives. It gives an added level of purpose to everyday working life and can turn an average meeting about your tax return into a new opportunity for someone who really needs it.

It’s about time we started to make a difference.

Our Goal

We are aiming to donate 1000 micro-impacts over the course of the next 12 months. So before the 25th December 2018, check back here and so how we, with the help of you, are doing. We will keep you updated.

You can always follow us on any of our social media platforms to see regular updates as you please.

Simple Steps

  1. Become a customer with us for any of our services.
  2. In return we will donate £5 to Wycombe Homeless Connection immediately.
  3. You will receive a 'Feel Good Gift' for working with our company.
  4. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Therefore we promise that you will always receive the best service you have ever had.
feel good giving