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Get paid on time, improve your cashflow, reduce business risk with FJCM outsourced credit control company services.

We provide cost-effective credit control company services for businesses who want to get paid on time, reduce queries and recover aged debts. We do this so you don’t have to dedicate a member of staff to do it. As result your team can spend their valuable time looking after your customers. Working seamlessly alongside your existing team we maintain customer relationships and build rapport, whilst improving your cash-flow.

How frustrated do you get when your clients don’t pay you? How much time do you spend chasing overdue invoices? This is valuable time you could spend on other key areas of your business which can’t be outsourced.

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Credit control is essential to ensure you receive payment for the work you’ve done.

Our professional, friendly, qualified team build rapport with your customers to enable the speedy recovery of debts and the timely payment of invoices. Credit control is essential for businesses now more than ever to ensure customers have means to pay and that they do so on time. In turn, this protects your business and mitigates risks posed.

With our commitment to excellent customer service you can rest-assured you’ll receive the money you’re owed without the stress of chasing it.

Complete credit control cover, 52 weeks of the year

Credit control company

The Benefits

Recover Aged Debt

Increase your cash flow

Save time & money

Get expert advice

Reduce payment queries

Reduce business risk

Cash flow is essential to business success. Get peace of mind knowing payments are being made on time whilst reducing business risk.

At Franklin James we care about our clients and their customers too. Using Franklin James Credit Management has proven to help businesses maintain regular cash flow and in fact, our customers say that we make their lives much easier. With your dedicated credit control account manager, our outsourced credit control service helps to strengthen your brand and customer loyalty.

Where companies once previously held credit control positions internally for employees, in the last five years there has been a substantial increase in businesses now wanting to outsource this function. After all, it is more cost-effective to do so!

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Our Credit Control Company Services Include:

  • Monitoring and credit checking customers.
  • Proactive calls to manage and collect invoices due.
  • Ensuring timely payment of invoices and debts.
  • Monthly cycle statements & letter runs.
  • Responding and dealing with relevant invoice queries.
  • Recovering aged debts.
  • Bank payment reconciliations in your software.
  • Support through the Legal system.
  • Negotiating formal payment plans.
  • Weekly reporting & expert advice to your team.
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“The team at Franklin James Credit Management are an enormous help to me. Without them there’s absolutely no way we would have received some of the payments from our customers. Very professional company who make me feel special; as though I’m their only customer.”

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