Outsourced Credit Control and How it Works

A specialist credit control company like ourselves saves you time and improves your cash flow with outsourced credit control. Our service is extremely cost effective too! The next part to understand is how the process works.

1. Establish how many hours you require

First, we will work out how many customers you have so that we understand how many hours it will take us to complete your credit control each month. Alternatively, you can provide a monthly budget, (minimum 2 hours per month), and we will contact those customers who need politely training to pay on time.

2. Part ledger or all?

You will need to decide whether you want us to look after your entire ledger or just part of it. You can provide us with a list of customers that you might not want us to call, or choose not to include them on what you send over to us.

3. Getting to know you!

Our team will get to know you, your company ethos and operations. We will work with you to establish an effective credit control process, if you don’t already have one in place.

4. Acting as you or us?

We can act under the name of your company, (White label) using an email address with your company name. Alternatively we can act as ourselves on behalf of your company, either way is acceptable. Some of our customers choose both options! So for the initial credit control works we act as part of your company. Then should an invoice become overdue we can switch to acting as Franklin James Credit Management. This is always discussed with you first though.

5. Software

What software or accounting program are you using? We need to know this so that we can access your ledger and customer details. This can be done via many different options:-

  • We can log into your accounting package like Sage, Xero or QuickBooks for example.
  • Another option is to send us the invoices that need chasing by email.
  • Email your dedicated credit controller with the debtors that you need chasing.
  • You can send over a spreadsheet with details of customers & ledger.
  • Our team can log into a cloud drive like Dropbox, Googledrive or Onedrive. We can then access the files that you allow us to, for us to complete your credit control efficiently.

6. Timing

Our credit control team will begin work right away for you. We will download an AR ledger into Excel from your software (or you can send us one). Operating this way helps us to demonstrate progress and the reduction in debt or day sales overdue to you.

7. Tracking progress

A weekly and/or monthly analysis report is sent to you, to keep you up to date with our progress.

The hours we spend working for you are timed using our professional time management program. Those reports are sent to you weekly and/or monthly.

8. The best service

If you need us to resolve any payment disputes with your customers, we can. Our aim is always to keep your customers happy, as it is our company ethos to always provide exceptional customer service.

If you have any further questions regarding outsourcing credit control and how it works, feel free to call us on 01494 422742. Alternatively, you can fill out the call back request form and we can call you right away.