Over 80% of debtors make payment on receipt of a FJCM Letter Before Action

What is a Letter Before Action?

Before you start a small claims court claim to recover money owing to you, you must formally write to the debtor to inform them of your intentions. You do this by formally sending a Letter Before Action. A Letter Before Action (LBA) is the last letter you should send to your debtor before your start legal action. FJCM guides you through the steps so that you know how to send a Letter Before Action.

This letter must comply with regulations and Pre-action protocol, among other things, and must include the following:
  • summary of the facts and reason the debt is owed
  • what you want from the party/debtor you're claiming from
  • how you've calculated the sum you want to claim
  • copies of the key documents that you'll use to support your case
  • a list of any documents you want from the other party
  • reasonable deadline for a response
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Letter Before Action Checklist

Letter Before Action Checklist Download

This is an essential requirement of the debt recovery process.

Sole Traders & Individuals:

If your debtor is a sole trader (or individual), from October 1st 2017 you must adhere to the Pre Action Protocol for Debt Claims.

We provide you with the online facility to send your own Letter Before Action using The Franklin James Credit Management Name & Logo. Based on the information you fill out online, our platform generates a compliant Letter Before Action for you to send to your debtor; whether they are a Limited Company, Sole Trader or Consumer.

Once the details online are filled out, your letter before action is emailed to you along with any relevant forms that you may need to send with your Letter Before Action.

How it works:

Follow the steps to fill out the online form & make payment

Receive your LBA by email

Post and email your LBA with relevant documents to your debtor

Receive payment directly to you

Before you start you should ensure you: