25 Ways to save money in your business

When business owners see the above sentence (ways to save money in your business), for some, the immediate response is to think ‘I need to make staff redundant’.  However, this may not always be the only option.

Running a profitable business is about jugging the scales; it is an equation. One side is about increasing sales, the other is watching the bottom line and costs.

We’ve identified some ways to help with this. Some you may already be doing, hopefully there will be a couple (if not more) you could adopt.

Customer care

Contact, contact, contact – these people are the most important part of your business, so make sure you keep them.

Buy in bulk

This could relate to office supplies and equipment. Greater discounts are usually offered for this.

Packing & Postage

Keep an eye on how much is possibly being spent on items for delivery.

25 Ways to save money in your business

Content creation

When it comes to social media and marketing, make yourself the expert rather than outsourcing.


Consider running your business from home. If this is not possible, try negotiating with your building owner / landlord.

Sublet office space

If the above is not an option, maybe this one is.

Payment terms

Do any of your suppliers offer discount for early payment? This may not be something they advertise, so give them a call and ask the question.

Lease equipment

Items such as copiers/printers are much more cost effective if leased.


Shop around for the best deals for your office/premises, switch and save.


Install motion sensor lighting into offices and meeting rooms to save on electricity costs.

ways to save money in biz


Rather than paying for a service, could you exchange services with a supplier.

Go paperless

Save money on paper, envelopes and postage. You will also be helping the environment.

Coffee machine

Issue staff with a bamboo reusable cup and ditch the plastic!

Recommendations & referrals

Nothing works greater than word of mouth. Save money on costly advertising and leverage your network.

Upskill your team

Rather than hire new people, invest in your existing team and make them cross functional.


Nothing will beat face-to-face contact. However, with technology as it is now, make meetings virtual where you can.

Time off

Bizarre as it may seem, consider giving your team a day off during the month. As a perk and a cost saver, chances are it will increase productivity too.

Ways to save your business money

Suggestions Box

Involve your team, you will be amazed at the ideas they come up with for cost savings. Reward them with a bottle of wine or chocolates, it will save you in the long run.


See if your business qualifies for grants or funding from the Government.


Consider alternative options such as Zoom, Teams or VOIP.

Cloud based

If remote working is an option for your business, there are so many solutions that will enhance this (One Drive, Box, Sharepoint).


How often is your office/premises cleaned, could this be reduced for a cost saving?


Get at least 3 for each project/investment and shop around!


This is an immediate way of cutting costs – no equipment costs or payroll (NI or pension/medical). You only pay for productive time. Did you know that you can out-source your credit control to professional credit controllers based in our London, Redditch, Buckinghamshire and Scottish offices? Click below today to learn more about how we save you time and money by outsourcing your credit control.

How to save money in my business

Negotiate everything! If you don’t ask, you don’t get!