5 Ways to reach your ideal client

We all have something we can sell, otherwise, why else are we in business?  How you sell it differs, even compared to competitors in the same space.

Being creative will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to reaching and attracting your ideal client.

Later in this article we share some ways for you to achieve this.  Before we get to that part, let’s take it back to the start.

Who is your ideal client?

We think we know them but do we really?

Maybe over time that image has become blurred around the edges. Take a step back – look at your current client portfolio.  How did you attract them?  This will help shape the strategies and decisions you make going forward.  Some indicators are:

  • You can help solve their problem
  • They’re able to pay for your product/service
  • The engagement and interest in your product/service already exists
  • You share the same values

Be credible

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘what goes around comes around’.  This is most certainly the case in business.  Look at the high number of networking groups, they are all based on referrals.  Become known as a reliable referrer, support your fellow business owners to find their ideal clients.  In doing this, chances are you will be at the top of their list when their contacts are looking for your service.

Reversely, ask for referrals.  Jot down who you are comfortable having a conversation with about being referred to.  Remember, this can be a slow burn activity as business comes from building relationships.

Be social!

Whatever platform you choose to use, be consistent.  If you share content, here’s some tips to guide you:

  • Make your content relevant, engaging and professional
  • Update it regularly. Don’t forget to remove what has become out of date
  • Interact with those who comment – you never know where it will lead

If the thought of creating social media content fills you with dread, why not outsource it to a professional.  There are plenty of agencies who can create videos, blogs, whole campaigns to support.  After all, you don’t cut your own hair, do you?

Alongside this sits SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  Put plainly, it’s the workings behind the scenes that enables a website to reach a higher position when people search using Google and other search engines.

We’ve already mentioned being referred to. The first thing a potential client will do is checkout your online profile, be it on LinkedIn and/or your website.  It is natural behaviour, no doubt you do it with your own potential clients.  Try searching for yourself – do you like what you find? If not, change it. First impressions count.

This again is something that can be outsourced to a professional.  Why not ask your contacts for a referral?

Make time for business development and marketing

As you start to engage and connect with new people, allow time in your schedule to work on your business as opposed to in it.

You have made the decision to reach out and work with your ideal client, do not let it all be in vain.

Get yourself invited into panels or podcasts, so you can share your expertise and wisdom.  Do not forget to follow-up:

  • What did people think of it?
  • How else can you share it?
  • Do you do a regular newsletter?
  • How big is your mailing list?
  • How can you increase it?

Establish your brand

Brand awareness will help to cement you and your business.  It allows potential clients to understand your company and product/service offering.

This is different from product marketing.  Brand awareness is about shining the spotlight on your company, highlighting it to different audiences.

Your brand should become the DNA of your company and be incorporated.  Consider:

  • Website
  • Marketing
  • Stationery
  • Everything!

Revisit what’s worked before

This will happen in every business.  Something is working, then it either gets overlooked, or changed, or forgotten about.

  • How did you meet existing/previous clients?
  • What networking events/meetings have you stopped attending?
  • How are you using social media? Think about past interactions.
  • What marketing campaign worked successfully?
  • Who has referred clients to you? When did you last speak with them?

This is by no means an exhaustive list, purely thought starters.  Similarly, if you are putting your efforts into something that isn’t working, then stop!

What’s next?

At Franklin James Credit Management we will be able to support you with outsourced credit control as you build your business for success. Contact us at FJCM.