Time management tips for better business

What we do here revolves around good time management, procedures and tools to help make life a little easier for our customers who are just simply too busy.

We know that there are lots of technological drainers and “social drainers!”

So here are our top 6 tips for better time management

1. Get the task done!

Book an appointment with yourself to get a task done. Set the time aside, best in the morning and don’t let anything get in your way of doing your task.

2. Turn distractions off

This includes those people who meander over to your desk and drain your time. If you feel embarrassed to tell them you are busy, I recently read something that might be worth a try. Get some headphones or earphones and put them on. Even if you are not listening to anything, apparently people will be less likely to distract you if they see you wearing them.

3. To do list

At the end of each day set aside 5 to 10 minutes to write your to do list for the following day. Don’t give yourself too much to do, as to do lists are more satisfactory when you cross things off. Someone once told me to pick 3 key things per day as you do need the rest of the time for your regular daily tasks.

4. Organise better

Sort your emails and put them into appropriate folders, delete anything that you don’t need. Create labels to action important emails. Create templates in your signatures for responses or emails that you send more than once. You must set time aside to do this, but in the long run, your daily tasks will be quicker. File your paperwork, clear your desk, you will be able to think clearer.

5. Focus on one task

Before we begin work on a client’s credit control, we set the timer on our computer, and we do just that! That’s the only thing we do, during that time, we focus solely on that one task. Its effective! There are lots of time management and task management tools available on line. Toggle is quite a good one and it is free to use.

6. Delegate and outsource tasks

There are many parts of your daily business tasks that can be outsourced, just like credit control, bookkeeping, marketing etc. It is common knowledge that many businesses are out-sourcing lots of areas of their business. For example, we save people time by doing outsourced credit control, bookkeeping and debt collections. Look up outsourcing and see what endless options there are.

Recommended Time Management & Task Management Tools:


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