This is How we collected overdue debt when a court Bailiff Couldn’t!

We were contacted two weeks ago by a client who asked what he could do about an overdue debt. He hadn’t been able to collect the debt using his own credit management processes.

The debt was over 6 months old and our client had resorted to court action. He was successful with the claim and obtained a County Court Judgement. He had also obtained a subsequent Warrant of Execution against his client (defendant).

Armed with the warrant of execution, the court bailiffs made a visit to the clients address. However they were unsuccessful in obtaining payment or securing goods. This is because the defendant lived with his parents and evidence that any goods belonged to him was hard to prove. So the bailiffs came away empty handed and our client didn’t receive payment of the debt from the defendant.

We were asked if we could do anything at all about recovering the bad debt. We specialise in business debt collection and credit control and were very happy to be instructed to help collect the debt.


We started by researching the defendant thoroughly. Finding out where he lived, what businesses he had and whether he was still trading. Using various search methods open to us, we soon found that he was still living with his parents. More importantly he had a few businesses that were still trading.

This was great news and we were ready to make contact.

Making Contact

One of our well written Debt Collector’s letters was produced. It stated that although the bailiffs had visited his address, our client still had opportunities to collect the debt owed to him. We told the debtor that we would be following up with further action and laid out what our procedure was. Once completed we emailed the letter to him and posted a copy recorded delivery along with a professional well worded email.

The Response

We received an immediate response, but it didn’t say what we were hoping it would say! Firstly, he relayed that he didn’t live with his parents and that he “won’t be happy if we do contact his parents address”. So, because we have heard and seen every type of response to our overdue debt letters, we replied swiftly to his email with his options available.

Within half an hour he called to ask “if he paid the debt would the CCJ be removed from the court register?”


We relayed that the court register would show that he had “satisfied the debt,” which was better for his credit score, rther than leaving it as an unsatisfied debt.

The Payment & Review

We were promised payment of the debt on a certain date and we waited to see if his promise would materialise. It did! Our client was amazed to say the least.
Here is his review…

“Hi Sharon
Please let me take this opportunity to thank Franklin James Credit Management Ltd for your assistance in recovering an aged debt for me. I had previously tried unsuccessfully to recover this debt using the small claims court and the court bailiffs. You managed to get the debt paid in full within 7 days. Your services are professional and efficient and I will be recommending your company to other Entertainment Agencies in the UK.”

Yours sincerely

Graham Leedham – Hire An Act

This goes to show that even the most tricky of debts can be recovered.

During the entire process of this case, we were professional, friendly but stern. We also ensured that the reputation of our client remained in tact throughout the process.